Vanzant Clay Pigeon Farm


VCPF Rules & Terms


To keep everything simple and honest, its cash only

 for all VCPF events and activites.

Mailed in checks may be used for pre-registration and lease packages.

Thank you.


 VCPF Range Rules:

  1. Rangemasters decisions are final.
  2. Drug or alcohol use prohibited on the premise. Period. The management has the right to deny shooting privileges if detected.
  3. Eye and ear protection required when shooting or in the shooting area.
  4. Guns & ammo are subject to inspection. Shoulder stocks are required.
  5. Guns entering the clubhouse must be opened and confirmed empty before racking.
  6. Shouldering, dry firing, and loading of firearms in the clubhouse is prohibited.
  7. A game is 25 targets. Shoot only 1 shot at 1 target.
  8. Extra targets not allowed, unless one is thrown broken.
  9. Carry only one gauge of ammo when shooting.
  10. Load only when you are on a firing station. Otherwise, keep your firearm unloaded with the action open.
  11. Load no more than 2 rounds at a time.
  12. Load only 1 round on station 8 high house and 1 round for ATA trap.
  13. Don’t swing past the center stake on station 8.
  14. Everyone shoots station 8 high, then everyone shoots station 8 low.
  15. If your gun gives an odd report, cease fire, unload your gun, and check the bore for an obstruction.
  16. Stop all shooting when a cease-fire is called. Open all actions and unload.
  17. Be alert for people in the shooting area or downrange.
  18. Don’t shoot at wildlife or livestock. Dogs must be leashed and policed.
  19. Don’t shoot if an orange cone, flag, or hat appears on the trap bunker.
  20. Don’t walk past the far edge of the houses unless loading the bunker.
  21. Don’t shoot the houses. If you do, confess and paint it.
  22. No shot larger than #6 allowed on this range.
  23. Children must be kept within arms reach at all times. Infants not allowed on the range. Period.
  24. Children who can not safely hold, mount, or swing a firearm properly, may not shoot.
  25. To reduce the risk of lead ingestion, no eating or smoking while shooting. It is advised to thoroughly wash hands and face after shooting.
  26. You may keep whatever hulls you came with. All others are club property and must remain.
  27. Did i say the rangemasters decisions are final? Good. Just checking.

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    Rules For Instruction and Classes:

    A 5 Day Notice Is Required for cancellations. No Refunds. Rescheduling is allowed if necessary.

     Students must abide by the rules of the range management and by the instructor at all times.

    Students and parents of under aged students assume all risks to personal injury during instruction. Parents must give verbal and written consent to the rangemaster at registration.

    Students will be held responsible for replacement of equipment and or firearms that are damaged or destroyed due to neglect, while in use.

    Instructor has authority to terminate training without refund for reasons of neglect, irresponsibility, ineptness, or ignorance.

     Instructor has authority to terminate training without refund upon detection of drug or alcohol consumption by the student, regardless of the amount.

    As a safety measure, students may not shoot their private reloads in guns belonging to VCPF.


     Corporate Lease Policies:

    1. A suggested 250.00 security deposit will be required with your reservation. It will be returned at the completion of the lease. If any damages occur during the lease, the cost of the damages will be deducted from the security and the remainder will be returned.
    2. Cancellations must be made one week prior to the reservation.
    3. A suggested 50.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from the security deposit and the remainder will be returned within 3 days.
    4. Rescheduling must be made one week prior to the reservation. There is no charge for rescheduling.
    5. VCPF will not be responsible for damage or theft to guest’s private property during the lease.
    6. Guests must abide by range rules at all times.

                                                                                            Rev: 12/30/16