Vanzant Clay Pigeon Farm


Vanzant Clay Pigeon Farm

                        History And Vision

     This shooting facility was the vision of Msgt. Maynard and Attie Link, U.S.A. Retired. Originally a 43 acre cow farm, the Vanzant Skeet And Trap Range opened in the mid 90's. Maynard and Addie quickly established themselves as the best little gun club in the area. With the aid of the NSSA building fund, a second field was added to increase participation. Numerous registered NSSA skeet, ATA trap, and fund raising shoots were held here with much success, until a decision to sell and move back to their family home in North Dakota materialized.

The property was listed in early 2009 and they held their last registered NSSA match in the autumn of 2009. The property sat stale and neglected for about a year in the suffering economy.

In December of 2009, while surfing the web for defunked gun clubs, Leroy Johnson and the present owner Robert Kuczynski hit on Maynards club listed with 21st Century Realty. Negotiations began in

2010 with Paula Schudy and Deana Hewett. The deal closed in September of 2010.


      Run as a hobby, Robert and his wife Sarah have made their private Vanzant range a semi-annual getaway from the east.

Retired from a 22 year naval aviation career and holding a Bachelors Degree in Human Resources with honors from St. Leo University, St. Leo Florida, Robert, is currently using his diverse skills as a property manager, historic home restoration designer, FAA certified parachute rigger, and a NRA shotgun and pistol instructor. Robert is also a NSSA All American ranked shooter, a former member of The Navy Skeet Team, Navy Rifle Team, and Navy Pistol Team, where he achieved the coveted title as a Navy Distinguished Pistol Shot. Robert is one of only two Navy Parachute Riggers in Naval history to achieve this. He's also a retired AFSA and ATA member, NSPA skydiving jumpmaster/instructor, and a retired Naval Master Parachutist.

 Robert has begun to live his old dream of instructing skeet and trap on his very own private range. Robert now has a home field advantage for his highly successful, personally designed teaching and coaching venture known as 'Professional Shooting Instruction of Va..' Roberts vision incorporates bullet proof traditional old school teaching methods he designed back in the 80's. His focus will be primarily on groups and absolute beginners.


 Unlike the vast majority of other clubs found in America, Vanzant is going to resist the pressure to incorporate with larger organizations, (that sometimes make unreasonable and expensive demands of its members through dues and over regulation.) Vanzant will avoid the pitfalls of being over regulated or seduced by current advertising pressure, fads, trends, and expensive markets. Instead, Vanzant will prove that change isn’t always good and stick to time proven methods of presenting the sport to its clients. Vanzant will guide the visitor to what they really need to properly progress in the sport, without compromising quality. The farm will always encourage and accommodate the experts and advanced competitors that visit. But, Vanzant will remain diverse and always invite hunters, beginners, and encourage visitors to come to the range with old faithful family scatterguns as well.


What use to be strictly an american industry, has slowly shifted to european markets to supply goods for clay shooting. Robert has chosen to promote the 'Made in America' message by continuing to use only classic antique time proven american machinery on his range and by using only classic american made guns. This practice is meant to give credit to American ingenuity and the proud American industrial spirit.



   The complexity, cost, and massive spectrum of professional level organized skeet and trap can be intimidating. Therefore, Vanzant will remain a very quiet and secluded skeet and trap range for those that want to wade into the sport slowly with focus and guidance. It will remain the perfect retreat for peaceful and undistracted shooting practice, while making private professional instruction available for the advanced and beginners alike.

The Pigeon Farm just wants to be a place people of all ages desire to come, shoot, relax, visit, and have an old fashioned community social experience like the days gone by.

The VCPF Community Corner

The Farm Gives Back

The Farm will make its facility available free of charge to local church, fire, rescue, and law enforcement units to hold training and to have group meetings.

Ozark Mountain Range Bird Conservation

As more land is converted for farming and more trees are harvested for heating fuel and lumber, less area has been set aside for the local bird population. The Vanzant Clay Pigeon Farm has kept its surrounding 40 acres of fields’ farrow, in order to attract and repopulate diminishing bird species such as grouse, quail, whipoorwill, bluebirds, and mourning dove. Bobs desire was to create the best habitat for hundreds of these local birds plus rare migratory birds seeking natural protection from predators. The result is guests can enjoy modern shooting sports, yet still feel connected to the quiet undisturbed natural beauty with migrating birds living and nesting around them.